Our Story


"Not only are the munchies delicious, the customer service is beyond compare."

Mary River Vale, NJ


"I want to thank my customers for their continued support."

Mindy Mosca


Dear Fellow Chocolate Lovers,

There are some things I can say I will always love, my family being first and of course chocolate being second! Ironically enough, the birth of my two sons came right around the same time as the beginning of my business, Mindy’s Munchies. Over a decade ago, my chocolate dipping was a hobby that I practiced out of my kitchen, but with the support and endless encouragement from my family and friends, Mindy’s Munchies has become a “sweet” reality!

When people ask me how this business came to be, I always give them the same answer, “It got so big that I had two choices, get rid of the hobby or get a store and fill the orders!” over 10 years later, with a little luck and a lot of persistence… I am STILL filling those seemingly endless orders!

Over the last decade, a chocolate covered pretzel has turned into a variety of decadent chocolate treats, from chocolate covered strawberries to our famous marshmallow mountains, which were featured on ABC’s “Neighborhood Eats” segment.

I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have received such overwhelming support from my loyal customers all over the country. THANK YOU!!!!